Nneka’s singing inspires to stand up and protest for Nigeria Delta, next Virunga

Remember Kenule “Ken” Beeson Saro Wiwa (10 October 1941 – 10 November 1995) was a Nigerian author, television producer, environmental activist, and winner of the Right Livelihood Award and the Goldman Environmental Prize. Saro-Wiwa was a member of the Ogoni people, an ethnic minority in Nigeria whose homeland, Ogoniland, in the Niger Delta has been targeted for crude oil extraction since the 1950s and which has suffered extreme and unremediated environmental damage from decades of indiscriminate petroleum waste dumping. (Soucre: Wikipedia)

Singing for a reason – influences:
In 1990, Saro-Wiwa started to dedicate himself to the amelioration of the problems of the oil producing regions of the Niger Delta. Focusing on his homeland, Ogoni, he launched a non-violent movement for social and ecological justice. In this role he attacked the oil companies and the Nigerian government accusing them of waging an ecological war against the Ogoni and precipitating the genocide of the Ogoni people. He was so effective, that by 1993 the oil companies had to pull out of Ogoni.

This cost him his life.

The Niger delta has been experiencing political, economic and environmental disenfranchisement. Abject poverty,Gas flaring, Oil spillage, Pollution of Farm land and water are what the people get in return. Oil bunkering and general instability in the region compound energy problems abroad,reducing also the supply and driving up the cost of oil in global markets.Neither the government nor the oil companies have adequately addressed environmental problems such as gas flaring and oil spills.

The Nigerian government has not provided adequate security to communities in the Niger Delta. With few exceptions, the government has allowed gangs and militias, some of which are funded by local politicians and party officials, to run rampant. Violence between rival gangs—particularly in the aftermath of the 2003 and 2007 elections—has resulted in the deaths of dozens of innocent civilians.

NIGERIA is currently the fourth largest supplier of OIL to the UNITED STATES. In march alone the US imported 1.154 million barrels per day from NIGERIA.

The MOSOP(movement of the ogoni people) is one of the first groups that stood up against the Nigerian government and regional oil companies such as SHELL or NNPC to increase local control over their resources.

Since then other organizations have been inspired to stand up and and protest. I as a civilian born and raised in the Niger delta of nigeria together with the “remember saro-wiwa” organization stand to raise awareness on what is happening in my country. and to stress what role our corrupt political leaders, the west including the US AND UK plays in our present state and condition.

I want to convince our fellow Nigerians about our responsibilities starting with the man selling oranges on the streets up to the big men that take advantage of the poor and uneducated by using them for their self benefit and then fill their pockets with the money gained from another mans blood or sufferings,eventually run to the church on sunday and say he serves God and that he is Bornagain;”NOTICE ME OR I QUENCH”
We ought to practice what we preach:Together we stand, divided we fall” NIAJA NA ONLY WE GO FIT SAVE OURSELVES OH….NOBODY ELSE. Not to forget the international community also has a stake in helping to resolve this conflict: the problems in the Niger Delta also destabilize global markets, especially as the price of oil continues to rise.

Stand up against ; Corruption, against in justice, against Bribery and Hypocrisy…….RAISE UR VOICES NOW. THANKYOU! LOVE:NNEKA EGBUNA.





Source: Nneka Myspace