JUL 2012: Oil threatens Peace = War threatens Virunga

Oil threatens Peace

“Renewed oil interest in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) represents a real threat to stability in a still vulnerable post-conflict country. Exploration has begun, but oil prospecting is nurturing old resentments among local communities and contributing to border tensions with neighbouring countries.

If oil reserves are confirmed in the east, this would exacerbate deep-rooted conflict dynamics in the Kivus. An upsurge in fighting since the start of 2012, including the emergence of a new rebellion in North Kivu and the resumption of armed groups’ territorial expansion, has further complicated stability in the east, which is the new focus for oil exploration.” “30, 85 and 52 per cent of blocks 3, 4 and 5, respectively are located in Virunga National Park”

To understand the oil threat and discover the oil companies visit the page Mapping the Oil Threat

Source: International Crisis Group

War Threatens Virunga Mountain Gorillas

Virunga National Park, home to a quarter of the world’s last mountain gorillas, is once again threatened by war with rangers struggling to protect the gorillas while rebels and the Congolese army battle for territory in and around the park. Rangers need to continue their work of protecting the mountain gorillas, but the circumstances make it extremely dangerous.

To protect the park and it’s animals visit Virunga’s Crisis website

Source: Virunga Crisis