The Business of Exploiting Natural Resources in DR-Congo: Some Valuable Lessons from the Forest Sector

World Resources Institute

New Global Witness’ report, “The art of logging industrially in Congo”, teachs us many valuable lessons:

  • How business is conducted in DRC;
  • How permits issued by government officials breach DRC’s own laws and regulation;
  • How the widespread abuse of logging permits is contributing to the destruction of DRC’s natural resources;
  • How companies who want to profit from the DRC’s resources are bypassing human and environmental concerns;
  • How the misuse of permits is providing a new way for officials and companies to open new areas of Congo’s rainforests for business;
  • How business and economic interests are threatening endangered species;
  • How community rights are being scanted;
  • How local livelihoods are being undermined by companies;
  • How many overseas companies that are exploiting natural resources in DRC are not complying with US and EU laws and international business guidelines.

Shortly after the publication of Global Witness report, the Minister of Environment in DRC, Bavon Nsa Mputu, announced to Radio Okapi that illegal permits will be cancelled.

We welcome this statement and hope that DRC government will take good note of Global Witness’ recommendation to halt the abuse of the system and ensure that the law is respected both by companies and its own officials. We remain hopeful that possible improvements and lessons learnt in the forest sector will be translated to the hydrocarbon sector.

Global Witness Full report:

application/pdf iconFull Report (EN)