1 Virunga photo = 30 seconds to talk about Conflict, Humanity and Conservation

A Story about courage in Africa’s oldest national park


All our current human traumas are interrelated… as journalist I want us to pay more attention to those lateral connections… these images they allow us to talk about the war, they allow us to talk about humanity …and they allows us to find new ways to care about old issues.”


Reportage by Getty Images photographer Brent Stirton tells the story behind his award-winning coverage of the rangers in Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He reveals the tales behind the Charcoal Wars and the slaying of endangered mountain gorillas.

Brent Stirton, senior staff photographer at Getty Images and four times a World Press Photo winner, talks to CPN’s Mike Stanton about celebrity portraiture, dancing with his camera and how he gained access to one of the most remote and volatile regions on earth.

Born in South Africa, he is senior staff photographer for the Assignment Division of Getty Images. He is based in New York and specialises in documentary work, regularly appearing in Newsweek, National Geographic, CNN and the Discovery Channel. He is the winner of several awards including contemporary issues first prize singles in the 2007 World Press Photo competition

Source: CPN