HRH Prince of Wales’ fight for the Value and Respect of Nature

Prince Charles: ‘We must take care of our environment’

This week, HRH the Prince of Wales revealed how the prospect of being a grandfather has sharpened his anxieties about Nature. Here, he argues that it would profit us all to show it more respect.
By Oatsy40

One of the gravest misconceptions of the modern age, and one which has concerned me for more years than I care to remember, is the presumption that Nature can be taken for granted and her needs ignored. There are some who seem to think that only when times are good should we afford the cost of nurturing the natural environment. There are plenty more, I am afraid, who see the process of protecting natural systems as the sort of cost that should be avoided altogether, simply because it actively interferes with development, job creation and economic growth.

This prevailing attitude could not be further from the truth. Nature is, in fact, the source and very basis of our welfare and economic prosperity. For me, this is so self-evident as to seem ridiculous even to say it. But as countries struggle to meet the enormous economic challenges they face, the biggest one of all remains largely hidden from view.

The services and countless benefits to the human economy that come from Nature have an estimated value every year of around double the global Gross Domestic Product, and yet this colossal contribution to human well-being is hardly ever mentioned when countries consider how to create future growth. As I have long been trying to point out, this situation cannot remain the case for very much longer. We are reaching a critical turning point when humankind has to realise that people and the human economy are both embedded within Nature’s systems and benevolence.

To some extent, this awareness is slowly starting to gain ground in the mainstream of our collective thinking. In part, this is the result of recent scientific studies and discoveries which are being translated into many inspiring examples of practical action. Our dependence on Nature is also slowly being reflected more confidently in those economic policies which enable people to achieve a better balance between keeping Nature’s systems intact and creating economic development that results in more jobs.

But if we are to deepen this commitment to Nature’s needs, it is paramount that we adopt a different mindset; one that veers away from the focus that has dominated the past half-century or so. Essentially, we have to become far more joined-up in our thinking and behaviour.

Source: The Telegraph


It is an ‘act of suicide’ to ignore green issues 

A message of the prince of Wales: It is an “act of suicide on a grand scale” to flout nature’s limits and ignore environment issues, the Prince of Wales has said, as he warns we could condemn future generations to an “unbearably toxic and unstable existence.

The Prince of Wales warned the current generation is “heading to the terrifying point of no return” when it comes to green issues, with humanity and the Earth soon to suffer some “very grim consequences”.

Saying he had been vindicated by science after being labelled a “crank” for his views years ago, he warned the human race was “pushing nature beyond her limits”.

“If we go on as we are the impact of these scarcities and declines on human societies worldwide will be of such a scale I can hardly bring myself to imagine it,” he said.

The Prince of Wales, speaking via a video as he accepted a Lifetime Achievement award from the 7th International Green Awards gala ceremony, said he was “more than flattered” to be recognised.

Source: The Telegraph