Message 4 NO TO OIL IN VIRUNGA: Declaration of Local Leaders in Butembo


Local chiefs urge SOCO’s activities to be stopped in Virunga. This is a declaration of local Leaders from the fisheries of Lake Edward in North Kivu: Vitshumbi, Nyakakoma, Kisaka, Kamandi, Lunyasenge, Taliha, Kyavinyonge. This statement came out during a workshop focusing on the participative management of Virunga National Park’s resources.  They also call upon the oil company SOCO to stop using security services and some administrative and political authorities (FARDC, PNC, ANR, DGM …) to their end in order to track down anyone seeking information on the project; They ask  for the cancellation of SOCO’s concession block V in the Albertine Rift and to revive the tourism industry in Virunga National Park.