1.000 Reasons Save Virunga: Pope Francis Steward of Nature/People

“Our earth needs constant concern and attention.  Each of us has a personal responsibility to care for creation, this precious gift which God has entrusted to us.  This means, on the one hand, that nature is at our disposal, to enjoy and use properly.  Yet it also means that we are not its masters.  Stewards, but not masters.  We need to love and respect nature, but “instead we are often guided by the pride of dominating, possessing, manipulating, exploiting; we do not ‘preserve’ the earth, we do not respect it, we do not consider it as a freely-given gift to look after”.[11]  Respect for the environment, however, means more than not destroying it; it also means using it for good purposes.” OIL DANGER

“Respect for nature also calls for recognizing that man himself is a fundamental part of it.  Along with an environmental ecology, there is also need of that human ecology which consists in respect for the person.” COMMUNITIES

“We need only think, for example, of alternative sources of energy, the development of which will assist in the protection of the environment.” VIRUNGA ALLIANCE

Source: Radio Vaticana