The person in the picture is called Abigaba Ester a resident of Kitegwa village Kabaale parish Buseruka Subcounty Hoima District, in one of the proposed village for the refinery project in Uganda. She is 42 years old married with 6 children children 3 boys and 3 girls. She is a farmer who rears animals like pigs and goat and grows different types of crops including the trees for both household consumption and for sale to earn a living.
They work together with all her members of the family that is why they have been able to acquire some assets like land , permanent house a car and are able to sustain their livestock.She now wonders where she will be going after her land has been earmarked for the refinery. Whether she will get fertile soils like the one they have been having ? She was disappointed when the government of Uganda assessed her house for compensation at 1.4 million shillings and yet it on the bricks which were used to construct that house that coated 1.4 million without considering other construction materials like sand, timber, iron sheets etc She calls upon government to come and re-assess her property to enable her get reasonable compensation. She is showing the wold how the government stopped them from growing perennial crops and now they grow crops that do not exceed 4 months to mature. now wonders are they not going to be hit by famine in their homes even before and after displacement. Ester is among the 7118 persons affected by the Proposed Refinery Project. The haphazard process through which this project has been executed has exposed 3,514 women to vulnerability, that impacts on the quality of their families and communities. Actors like Ester are commended for their advocacy and holding government and other stakeholders to account, in order to create a transparent and pro poor natural resource governance

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