Virunga Rangers Project: Meet the Heroes Who Risk their Lives to Protect the Park and Communities

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Virunga’s Rangers stand fearlessly on the frontline of conservation for the protection of the park’s wildlife, natural resources, and for the surrounding communities. They routinely face harsh physical conditions, injury, or even death. In the past decade over 175 rangers have been killed in the line of duty. Without the commitment of these brave men and women, Virunga would not exist.

Virunga currently has over 600 male and female rangers actively serving to protect the Park and the communities surrounding its borders.

These rangers go through intense selection processes and extensive training to work for the park. They are all selected from local Congolese towns and villages and qualify to become civil servants within the Congolese National Park Authority (ICCN).

The rangers serve in the Park’s three sectors (North, Central and South), often in extremely difficult circumstances. Virunga’s rangers face threats from many fronts and risk their lives daily.

You can make a difference by joining our community of dedicated individuals who aim to protect Africa’s oldest national park and bring peace and prosperity for the four million people who depend on it.

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Source: funded by Howard Buffet Foundation