A Message From and For Virunga Team: We Mourn and Continue Working for Peace

“It is with great sadness that Virunga National Park confirms that today, 24 April 2020, there has been a significant attack by armed groups near Rumangabo …”

Last Friday, 4 civilians & 13 colleagues and friends were slaughtered. Khadafi, Lumumba, Djamali, Junior, Jean-Louis, Joseph, Ruphin, Jeannot, Augustin, Jacques, Héritier, Moise and Justin. They were in their 20s, came from the area & wanted to protect wildlife. We mourn and miss them all.

In this heartbreaking moment, the reaction of all the team is truly humbling. They are real heroes. One day before this horrific event, Virunga’s efforts allowed 300,000 people from Goma’s poorest neighborhoods to access safe water and have free public lighting …

So that they can sleep safely at night. Soon, they will be over 1 million. It was a beautiful moment and an effective way to help Goma’s going through the current epidemic that impact all of us. Supporting local communities is, we believe, they way to protect beautiful Virunga…

And to help bring back peace in the region. May they find peace. My thoughts are with their families and all colleagues.

From @SebaDbx 

Sources: Sebastien

We stand with Virunga, help us support Virunga Fallen Ranger Fund


After the tragic loss of a Ranger, a private fund is immediately established to garner support from our community and all donations towards that fund are given directly to the Ranger’s widow. For six months after the Ranger’s death, the Park continues to pay the Ranger’s full salary to his widow.

Source: Virunga

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