Dodgy Deal 2: EACOP – Stop this Total Madness! Save Murchison Falls!

To Total CEO Patrick Pouyanné and all backers of the EACOP project:

“As global citizens, we urgently call on you to cancel the East African Crude Oil Pipeline and stop drilling in national parks. Your plans threaten to destroy precious biodiversity hotspots and wildlife habitats – displacing tens of thousands of farmers. This project seriously undermines your commitment to the Paris Agreement and to become “carbon-neutral”. We urge you to align your business under the values you publicly proclaim.”


Oil giant Total is about to build the biggest heated oil pipeline in the world — right through the heart of Africa!

It will rip through some of the most important elephant, lion and chimpanzee reserves on Earth, displace tens of thousands of families, and tip the whole planet closer to full-blown climate catastrophe.

Local communities are doing all they can to fight the project, but they’re up against one of the most powerful companies on Earth, and they need help to turn this into a Standing Rock in Africa. Our movement can be that help!

Even as he plans this pipeline, Total’s French CEO is trying to paint his company as a climate leader. Let’s hold him to account with a massive petition — when it’s huge we’ll deliver our voices with unmissable ads in France and turn this into a PR nightmare for Total. Add your name to stand with the brave communities fighting this — before it’s too late!

Source: Avaaz