Saving Congo’s Gorillas: A Refuge for Species Under Threat

“Gorillas have something in their soul very close to humans,” says Andre Bauma, a ranger at Virunga National Park and the “father” of a pair of adopted female mountain gorillas. To lose them would be to lose a part of ourselves. . Note: this is not Andre but Caretaker Baboo

1 Virunga photo = 30 seconds to talk about Conflict, Humanity and Conservation

A Story about courage in Africa’s oldest national park . All our current human traumas are interrelated… as journalist I want us to pay more attention to those lateral connections… these images they allow us to talk about the war, they allow us to talk about humanity …and they allows us to find new ways… Read More

The Rangers of Virunga by Brent Stirton

To view this amazing photo essay, just a click: The Rangers of Virunga By world renowed photographer Brent Stirton. This magnificent photo doc is a microcosm of what is going on throughout the continent. His essay catalogues the issues Africa faces with the environment, aid, humanitarian and refugee crisis, deforestation, wildlife protection, religion and more. VIRUNGA NATIONAL… Read More