Oil Exploration in Virunga: a Fisherman’s tale, in which team are you?

Oil exploitation in Virunga’s block V is similar to the final of an important soccer game between the government with its petroleum allies, and the local communities that depend on inexhaustible natural resources and their supporters, civil society organizations working on the protection of the environment. Both teams have been trained to use the legal instruments that are at… Read More

IPhones, Gorillas and Oil: How can Congolese benefit from Virunga?

Excellent article of Jake Flanagin (@JakeFlanagin):  A  reflection on how  your fair trade iPhone won’t save the Congo, but going on safari might… Your iPhone is, first and foremost, a phone. It is also an Internet browser, a personal calendar, a memo pad, an MP3 player, a gaming console, a weather forecaster, and much more.… Read More

Oil exploration in Virunga: Belgian Parliament versus SOCO UK

Response of Georges Dallemagne, Belgian member of the parliament, to the letter he received from Mr Cagle _ vice-president of the UK oil company SOCO International plc_ following his Parliamentary Resolution to protect Virunga national park.  Mr Cagle’s Letter:  Téléchargement 2012 1129 SOCO International plc – Georges Dallemagne Mr Dallemagne’s Response (unofficial translation): Dear Mr… Read More

DEC 13, 2012: EU joint resolution on DRC, putting oil concessions in Virunga NP on the political agenda

On December 12th  the European Parliament presented a joint resolution on the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The motion was adopted by the European Parliament on December 13th.   This joint resolution, supported by more than 50 European parliamentarians, expresses its strong concern at the deterioration in the DR Congo and impacts… Read More

International NGOs ask oil exploration to stop in Congolese Virunga park

Thirteen European NGOs, including Belgian organizations, asked the Congolese government in an open letter to stop the plans for oil exploration in the Virunga National Park in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The Virunga National Park, which was founded in 1925, lies on the border with Rwanda and is the oldest national park… Read More