Women, Natural Resources and Peacebuilding in Virunga

In “Women Empowerment, Fisheries and Sustainable Development in Virunga”  we have seen how  important Lake Edward is for the empowerment and emancipation of women in the Great Lakes region. In this article based on the excerpt of the UN report on  Women and Natural Resources: Unlocking the PeaceBuilding Potential we focus on the relationship between women and natural resources in… Read More

Fighting for Virunga is about Preventing Future Violence

Must read post by DigitalDjeli. In-depth analysis on how the battle for oil in Virunga National Park is not just about conservation but also about preventing conflict in the Great Lakes region. The World Wildlife Fund recently announced a victory in the fight to prevent British oil company Soco from drilling in Congo’s Virunga National Park after an… Read More

Hot off the Press, October 14th: Congo’s Virunga National Park Announces Partnership For Economic Revival In War-Torn Eastern Province

Rumangabo, DR Congo — After almost twenty years of armed conflict in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Virunga National Park today released the details of a 10-year plan to re-invigorate the local economy and create tens of thousands of new jobs as a peace-building initiative in the conflict affected areas of eastern… Read More

Oil Boom = Lower Capita Income, Dislocations, Higher Environmental and Health Hazards, Higher Levels of Conflict…and Virunga?

Oil Boom = Lower Capita Income, Dislocations, Higher Environmental and Health Hazards, Increased Levels of conflict… Local Inflation, Increased Migration, Chronic Underemployment, food shortages, increased prostitution, AIDS, and crime… and what about Virunga’s Communities and Natural Wealth? READ HERE ABOUT THE SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS AT THE REGIONAL AND LOCAL LEVEL – Extract from CDDRL… Read More