#SaveMurchisonFalls: From Drilling through Conservation to Giving Away Murchison Falls National Park for a Power Plant…

What is happening to Murchison Falls Protected Area, Uganda’s largest, oldest, and most visited protected area? And how can Virunga, Queen Elizabeth and so many other endangered protected and high biodiversity areas survive oil and infrastructure expansion in the region? Like if it was note enough to have oil drilling in this protected area now… Read More

Save Virunga’s Hippos from the Devastating Effects BP-oil Spill is having on Dolphins

This week Mongabay reported on the results of a new study that shows how exposure to the 2010 BP oil spill is likely to have caused late-term abortions of in-utero dolphins, or early death of newborns. These new findings add to the mounting evidence that exposure to petroleum compounds following an oil spill can severely… Read More

Virunga Déversements Pétroliers pour les Nuls

For ENGLISH here Les déversements de pétrole ont des répercussions graves sur la faune et l’environnement en fonction de [1]: (1) du type d’hydrocarbures déversés, (2) l’emplacement du déversement, (3) les espèces d’animaux habitant dans la région, (4) les cycles de reproduction et les migrations saisonnières, (5) ainsi que la météo pendant la fuite de… Read More

Virunga Oil Spill for Dummies

Oil spills have severe impacts on wildlife and the environment depending on [1]: (1)  the type of oil spilled, (2)  the location of the spill, (3)  the species of wildlife in the area, (4)  timing of breeding cycles and seasonal migrations, (5)  as well the weather during the oil spill Lake Edward, at the center… Read More