DRC’s Constitutional Right and Duty to Protect Virunga

The Democratic Republic of Congo Environmental Legislation In 2007, the Southern African Institute for Environmental Assessment (SAIEA) and the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) published the first edition of the Handbook on environmental assessment legislation in the SADC region. This post is based on the last updated version of this handbook (2012) and offers… Read More

East African Oil needs Environmental Planning to Avoid Disaster, DRC Virunga needs no-go-zone

East African Oil and Gas – Proper Environmental Planning Needed to Avoid Disaster By Thembi Mutch, 27 September 2012 East Africa is about to experience a hydrocarbon induced economic boom. However, the disconnect between what oil and petrol companies say is happening regarding the development of oil and gas resources, versus what international NGOs, academics… Read More

SOCO’s Statement: … minimal environmental impact … positive social impact…

Statement on inaccuracies in the conservation group websites regarding SOCO’s activities Thursday 28 June 2012 To coincide with the UNESCO World Heritage Convention currently taking place in St Petersburg, certain conservation groups have placed articles on their websites which contain inaccuracies about SOCO International plc’s activities in Block V, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).… Read More