Why should we sacrifice Virunga if fossil fuels should not be extracted in the first place?

When Save Virunga started 5 years ago our aim was simple: to give a voice to local communities who depend on the survival of Virunga National Park for their livelihoods and to protect Africa’s oldest National Park from oil extraction. We believed that Virunga should be a place where no oil extraction and pollution occurs, a place… Read More

1.000 Reasons Save Virunga: #22, I Will not Dance to your Beat

I will not dance to your beat I will not dance to your beat If you call plantations forests I will not sing with you if you privatize my water I will confront you with my fists If climate change means death to me but business to you I will expose your evil greed If… Read More

Message 4 – Oil in the Niger Delta: We are Dying Here!

Synopsis The Niger Delta is an environmental disaster zone after fifty years of oil exploitation.   One and a half million tons of crude oil has been spilled into the creeks, farms and forests, the equivalent to 50 Exxon Valdez disasters, one per year. Natural gas contained in the crude oil is not being collected, but… Read More