Who wants to turn Virunga National Park into an oil drilling site?

Insightful and excellent article of DRC blogger Chantal Faida Mulenga – Byuma. Her blog can be consulted at http://chantalfaida.blogspot.fr. Chantal reflects on the green potential of Virunga, the promises made, the position of local communities as well as of DRC government, and what will be the future of the park. Unofficial translation. — Established in… Read More

CS Insecurity and Threats: Time to Join the Movement and Protect Virunga’s Defenders

CIVIL SOCIETY INSECURITY & THREATS TIME TO JOINT THE MOVEMENT  AND PROTECT VIRUNGA DEFENDERS Since  the beginning of SOCO’s exploration operations in Virunga National Park, Environmental and Human Rights defenders fighting for the survival of the park and the respect of community rights have been target of intimidations and threats. Across DRC and the Great… Read More

Message 10 NO OIL IN VIRUNGA: Statement Kyavinyonge Fishers against SOCO – OIL

09-03-2014 This is a local statement from the fishers of one of the main fisheries in Lake Edward: Kyavinyonge, The statement is addressed to the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the oil company SOCO International plc. The statement is clear and unequivocal: “ We say no to all oil exploration or exploitation… Read More

Message 7 NO TO OIL IN VIRUNGA: Civil Society Vitshumbi Fishery Against Oil

03-02-2014 Civil Society of Vitshumbi recalls the importance of Lake Edward in the lives of more than 1.000.000 persons that depend on its resources. They also urge the government to take into consideration the green potential of the park. They give follow-up to the 1st Vitshumbi Declaration of 2012 and DRC Government among other things… Read More

Message 4 NO TO OIL IN VIRUNGA: Declaration of Local Leaders in Butembo

11-12-2013 Local chiefs urge SOCO’s activities to be stopped in Virunga. This is a declaration of local Leaders from the fisheries of Lake Edward in North Kivu: Vitshumbi, Nyakakoma, Kisaka, Kamandi, Lunyasenge, Taliha, Kyavinyonge. This statement came out during a workshop focusing on the participative management of Virunga National Park’s resources.  They also call upon… Read More

Message 2 NO TO OIL IN VIRUNGA: Declaration of Vitshumbi

24-03-2012 In March 2012, the fishery communities of Lake Edward expressed their opposition to any oil exploration or exploitation in Virunga National Park. They are well aware of the consequences of natural resource exploitation. They are at the basis of the fragile government and current conflicts in the eastern DRC. Communities ask the DRC Government… Read More

Time to Join the LOCAL MOVEMENT for Virunga’s SURVIVAL!

Are you ready to the join “la lucha” for Virunga’s Survival and the Rights of the Communities? LOCAL MOVEMENT Since 2010, local protest in and around Virunga National park in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been mounting against oil exploration in this World Heritage site. Many of these demonstrations have been directed against SOCO’s… Read More

ICONIC Virunga: Wildlife, Tourism, Fisheries … Oil?

Le parc des Virunga et plus particulièrement la Rwindi, avant les troubles que rencontre la Région du Kivu. Il y avait plusieurs milliers d’éléphants, entre 16.000 et 20.000 hippopotames, des milliers de buffles et d’antilopes, des centaines de lions. Le lac Edouard était un des plus poissonneux du monde grâce à la présence des hippopotames.… Read More

Adverse Environmental Effects of Seismic Surveys: Virunga Hippos, Fisheries…Illegal

For offshore exploration, the oil and gas industry typically relies on arrays of airguns, which are towed behind ships and release intense impulses of compressed air into the water about once every 10 to 12 seconds. Although most of the energy from these acoustic “shots” is intended to search downward for evidence of oil and… Read More

Message 6 – Oil in Bodo – Nigeria: A message to the Oil Companies

Chief Saint Emmah Pii speaks about Shell’s oil pollution in Nigeria. The facts about Shell’s oil pollution in Nigeria. Living with Shell is bad, and it’s getting worse every day. Tell the world! Join worsethanbad.org Source: WorsethanBad

Save Virunga: Endangered World Heritage

Endangered world heritage by Sarah Luisa Brand, Ilona Auer-Frege   Endangered mountain gorillas live in the Virunga National Park. The Parliament of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is considering oil production in the country’s national parks. The government hopes there will be economic profits, but its plans are putting the environment, the people… Read More

Impacts of oil exploration in Lake Albert Uganda: “a few environmental considerations”

Article based on the transcripts of Stephen Digges’ film “Uganda’s Oil Boom: Curse or Cure?“ The discovery of oil bellow Lake Albert, on the border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo could constitute the largest onshore discovery in sub-Saharan Africa. The vast discovery could transform Uganda’s economy – but only if managed well.… Read More