“Greening” Human Rights for Virunga and for the Enjoyment of a Safe, Clean, Healthy and Sustainable Environment

The relationship between human rights and the environment has evolved rapidly over the past five decades, and even more so over the past five years. The greening of well-established human rights, including the rights to life, health, food, water, housing, culture, development, property and home and private life, has contributed to improvements in the health… Read More

“Kofi Annan: Imagine an African continent…this is our future”

Save Virunga —- Stop the Plunder of Africa By KOFI ANNAN . With Africa’s economies riding the crest of the global commodities wave, there is an unprecedented opportunity to convert the region’s vast resource wealth into investments that could lift millions out of poverty, create jobs, and bring hope to future generations. . Seizing that opportunity… Read More

Message 5 – New Hope for North Kivu: Let’s Preserve our Environment – Virunga

“New Hope” is the voice of a whole generation is North Kivu, a generation that wants to protect and preserve its forest and diversity, their future! . This song is about hope for humanity, if it retains its ecosystem, know that North Kivu, Goma my province is the second largest reserves in the world in… Read More