Nobel winner Wangari Maathai: The Connection between Peace, Environment and Women

Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai : “The connection between peace and the environment can be explained using the traditional African stool, which has three legs that support the base on which we sit. I believe these three legs are symbolic. One represents good management of our natural resources, equitable distribution of the same, and… Read More

AFRICA From Top to Bottom – TOP 5 African Countries are Environmental Success Stories …

LESSON 1: Besides being all TOP environmental touristic destinations, these 5 Top African growing economies are diversifying their economies and direct many investments towards strategic environmental issues and sustainable growth. For instance Mauritius, spent millions on environmental sustainability projects, and the development of renewable energy, green jobs and sustainable infrastructure (1). LESSON 2: Oil Countries… Read More

OIL and CONFLICT: What Is the Link?

Natural Resources and Conflict: What Is the Link? Unless a successful rebel organization is bankrolled by another country or an extensive and willing diaspora, it must generate income by operating some business activity alongside its military operations. The question then becomes the type of business activity in which a rebel group is likely to be… Read More

Oil, Ownership and Conflicts: the case of the Sudan

Oilwatch  Africa and representatives from  academia, development  experts and community leaders met under the theme, Oil over Africa: Economic Boom and Burst to deliberate on the increasing oil and gas exploration, development and production projects on the African continent,  and  the  impact  on  the  peoples  of  Africa,  particularly  the  socio-economic  and environmental costs that are associated with these activities. The… Read More

Can oil-rich and conflict-affected DRC avoid the resource curse?

A FOREIGN POLICY SPECIAL REPORT The Devil’s Excrement: Can oil-rich countries avoid the resource curse? but what if the best and only solution will be to: KEEP THE OIL IN THE SOIL? Looking back at 2013-2016 (SV – January 2017) OPTION A BY MOISÉS NAÍM | SEPT. / OCT. 2009 Oil is a curse. Natural… Read More