Saving Great Apes means Protecting World Heritage Sites such as Virunga

Great Apes Infographic Highlights World Heritage Importance Designed by Laura Darby ( Watercolors by Charity Oetgen ( (24/04/2015)© GRASP / Charity Oetgen, Laura Darby The endangered chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, and bonobos found at World Heritage sites in Africa and Asia underscore the importance of these forests and mountain ranges and are highlighted in an infographic released… Read More

The Last Stand of the Gorilla – Environmental Crime, Conflict …. and what about Oil?

Gorillas, the largest of the great apes, are under renewed threat across the Congo Basin from Nigeria to the Albertine Rift: poaching for bushmeat, loss of habitat due to agricultural expansion, degradation of habitat from logging, mining and charcoal production are amongst these threats, in addition to natural epidemics such as ebola and the new… Read More

Oil Exploration Could Threaten Gorillas

A government order permitting oil exploration in the Virunga Mountains could pose a threat to critically endangered Mountain gorillas living in the Democratic Republic of Congo, according to officials from the Great Apes Survival Partnership (GRASP). “There are approximately 780 Mountain gorillas left in the wild, and any disturbance in their ecosystem could have disastrous… Read More