How to Change the World? Stop Fossil Fuels, Fight for Justice, Save Virunga!

As Donald Trump enters the White House, it is time to join the global movement of resistance. Find your trigger, your strength to change the world: You and I must take daily actions that make large-scale changes possible. Have courage. Challenging the status quo can attract ridicule. We need the quiet courage of decent people doing… Read More

How to Change the World?

Stop Fossil Fuels, Fight for Justice, Save Virunga, Yasuni and all these other Places and Peoples You and I must take daily actions that make large-scale changes possible. Sometimes you meet someone, see a place for the first time, read a book, or watch a movie and you are reminded in one glimpse, one sentence,… Read More

Greenpeace, the thirst for oil no respite for Nature in Virunga

Excerpt and Unofficial Translation of Greenpeace’s Blogpost: “Virunga : la soif de pétrole ne laisse aucun répit à la nature” With the European premiere of ” Virunga ”  during the Docville movie Festival in Belgium, Virunga National Park is again under the spotlight . The finding is more than bitter: from Virunga to the North… Read More

ACTION 2nd October, 2013: Joint statement of NGOs on the arrest of Virunga Park Ranger, Rodrigue Mugaruka

Joint statement of NGOs on the arrest of Virunga Park Ranger, Rodrigue Katembo Mugaruka Press Release – 2nd October 2013 . Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) – On Thursday, 19th September, Rodrigue Katembo Mugaruka a warden in Virunga National Park and recipient of the Abraham Conservation Award was arrested by Congolese security forces and taken… Read More

NO OIL EXPLORATION IN VIRUNGA NP: Greenpeace … all united!

Greenpeace Africa opposes potential oil exploration in Virunga National Park Press release – September 27, 2012 Kinshasa, 26 September, 2012 – London-based oil company SOCO has been granted permission to conduct aerial surveys for oil exploration in Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The British foreign office said today that both… Read More

JUN 22, 2012: ONG Position Paper to the World Heritage Committee

READ HERE THE NGO POSITION PAPER ON VIRUNGA Extract: To the World Heritage Committee and States Parties, Virunga National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo: World Heritage Property in Danger From June 24th till July 6th, you will be gathering in St Petersburg for the 36th session of the World Heritage Committee.  The conservation status of… Read More

Virunga Document de Position des ONGs: au Comite du Patrimoine Mondial et aux Etats Parties

LISEZ – TELECHARGEZ ICI LE MESSAGE INTEGRAL DES ONGS SUR VIRUNGA Extrait: . Au Comité du patrimoine mondial et aux États parties: Vous allez vous rassembler à SaintPétersbourg pour la 36ème séance du Comité du patrimoine mondial du 24 juin au 6 juillet. La conservation des sites les plus précieux de la planète fera l’objet… Read More

International NGOs ask oil exploration to stop in Congolese Virunga park

Thirteen European NGOs, including Belgian organizations, asked the Congolese government in an open letter to stop the plans for oil exploration in the Virunga National Park in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The Virunga National Park, which was founded in 1925, lies on the border with Rwanda and is the oldest national park… Read More

Save the Virunga National Park from oil exploration

Greenpeace adds its voice to that of Congolese civil society and the local communities of Lubero and Rutshuru and calls on the Congolese Government and oil companies to respect the law and international conventions in force in the World Heritage Sites. The Virunga National Park-prestigious World Heritage site, full of many iconic species such as… Read More