Good News For Virunga: Mountain Gorilla Numbers Surpass 1.000

Authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Rwanda, and Republic of Uganda release new census results. Rubavu, Rwanda, 31 May 2018 A recent survey documented 604 mountain gorillas (Gorilla beringei beringei), the largest number of mountain gorillas ever recorded in the transboundary Virunga Massif, one of the two remaining areas where this Critically… Read More

Uganda Must Reject Quick Wins in Oil in Favour of Long-term Resource and Biodiversity Protection, says US Ambassador

Uganda Must Reject Quick Wins in Oil – U.S. Ambassador Source Photos STAR USAID site By Simon Musasizi, 19 March 2013 US Ambassador Scott DeLisi says Uganda must reject temptations to seek quick gains from its oil industry. Speaking at the official launch of the US-funded Tourism for Biodiversity (T4B) programme at Budongo forest in… Read More