The Treasure of Virunga…De Merode’s ‘crazy’ plan…he lives and so does his plan!

Unauthorized translation from the article „Der Schatz von Virunga“ by Juliane von Mittelstaedt, published in Der Spiegel 17/19.4.2014. Translation by Angela Roemelt. Only the German original is valid for quotation. They never met but they compete against each other. One of fighting for a treasure above the soil, the other one for those beneath it.… Read More

Who wants to turn Virunga National Park into an oil drilling site?

Insightful and excellent article of DRC blogger Chantal Faida Mulenga – Byuma. Her blog can be consulted at Chantal reflects on the green potential of Virunga, the promises made, the position of local communities as well as of DRC government, and what will be the future of the park. Unofficial translation. — Established in… Read More

7# NO TO OIL, STOP THE THREATS: North Kivu Civil Society response to Mbayma’s Threats

IN 2013 North Kivu Civil Society response to Mbayma’s Threats 12-03-2014 North Kivu Civil Society official response to the letter of Guy Mbayama, urging DRC and ICCN’s authorities to remember that Civil society actors in North Kivu have the primary duty to defend and promote, at all times and everywhere, the rights of citizens in… Read More

6# NO TO OIL, STOP THE THREATS: When Local Communities SAY NO, SOCO Increases the Pressure

IN 2013 When local communities say NO, SOCO increases the Pressure 08-03-2014 Press Release of Civil society on SOCO’s oil exploration and exploitation in the Virunga National Park. When local communities say NO, SOCO International seeks the reinforce the credibility of the project by the dividing and manipulating the actors. Environmental non-governmental organizations of the… Read More

5# NO TO OIL, STOP THE THREATS: Local NGOs Urgent Appeal

IN 2013 North Kivu Civil Society reaction / Urgent Appeal 09-02-2014 As a reaction to the unfounded accusations and in response to Mr Guy Mbayma’s letter, civil society actors wrote an urgent appeal against the threats to environmental defenders in North Kivu. They fear that their members on the ground and in Goma suffer death… Read More

4# NO TO OIL, STOP THE THREATS: Threats against CS actors coming from G. Mbayma

IN 2013 January 2014 – but dated 31-10-2013 On 31st October 2013, the Director of Science and technology at the ICCN, Mr. Guy Mbayima, addressed an unnumbered letter to the General Director of the ICCN after the workshop that was held in Goma on the 31st of January 2014, threatening local civil society opposing oil… Read More

2# NO TO OIL, STOP THE THREATS: Statement against SOCO’s engagement program in Virunga

IN 2013 24-07-2013 In this open petition to the DRC Government local civil society in North Kivu speaks out against the local engagement program of SOCO International targeting the fisheries of Lake Edward. Local civil society organizations working on conservation and protection of the Environment and Human Rights (CREF Network CREDDHO, IDPE, SOPR) condemn in… Read More

1# NO TO OIL, STOP THE THREATS: Local NGO urges SOCO to Investigate Death Threats

IN 2012 On the 19th of October 2012, SOCO’s communications liaison officer sent a letter to a number of Congolese organizations, including some of the environmental activists who have been receiving death threats since February 2011. The letter below is a response from Alphonse Muhindo, Director of Réseau CREF, one of the 4 activists that… Read More

CS Insecurity and Threats: Time to Join the Movement and Protect Virunga’s Defenders

CIVIL SOCIETY INSECURITY & THREATS TIME TO JOINT THE MOVEMENT  AND PROTECT VIRUNGA DEFENDERS Since  the beginning of SOCO’s exploration operations in Virunga National Park, Environmental and Human Rights defenders fighting for the survival of the park and the respect of community rights have been target of intimidations and threats. Across DRC and the Great… Read More

Message 8 NO OIL IN VIRUNGA: RRN National DRC Civil Society Against Oil

26-02-2014 DRC civil society calls Joseph Kabila to cancel the production sharing agreement signed with the company SOCO International PLC in Virunga national Park. This was the result of a day of discussions around the oil exploration activities of the British Company SOCO and its impact on the future of Virunga National Park, as well… Read More

Time to Join the LOCAL MOVEMENT for Virunga’s SURVIVAL!

Are you ready to the join “la lucha” for Virunga’s Survival and the Rights of the Communities? LOCAL MOVEMENT Since 2010, local protest in and around Virunga National park in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been mounting against oil exploration in this World Heritage site. Many of these demonstrations have been directed against SOCO’s… Read More

March 06: Joint Declaration EU Commissioner Piebalgs and Belgian Minister Labille on SOCO’s activities in Virunga

European Commissioner for Development, Andris Piebalgs, together with the Belgian Minister for International Cooperation, Jean-Pascal Labille, urge SOCO’s shareholders and all relevant authorities to make sure that oil company SOCO International Plc respects international laws and regulations and is in compliance with all of the required standards considering its oil exploration activities in a World… Read More