See “Nigeria’s Illegal Oil Refineries”, imagine what could happen to Virunga…

Reuters photographer Akintunde Akinleye recently gained rare access to an illegal oil refinery near the river Nun in Nigeria’s oil state of Bayelsa. There, he was able to document the secret and dangerous practice of oil bunkering, where locals hack into oil pipelines, steal the crude oil, and refine or sell it abroad. For over… Read More

The Business of Exploiting Natural Resources in DR-Congo: Some Valuable Lessons from the Forest Sector

New Global Witness’ report, “The art of logging industrially in Congo”, teachs us many valuable lessons: How business is conducted in DRC; How permits issued by government officials breach DRC’s own laws and regulation; How the widespread abuse of logging permits is contributing to the destruction of DRC’s natural resources; How companies who want to… Read More

FEB 2011: SOCO enters Virunga Park Illegally

SOCO has previously been accused by the Park’s managers of entering Virunga illegally, notably in February 2011 when representatives travelling in a SOCO vehicle are reported to have forced the barriers. In a response to Global Witness SOCO stated that these accusations were “without merit” and that “no SOCO personnel or representatives have been involved… Read More