Virunga ready to Rumble for #MuhammadAli, The Greatest

Crucial to Ali’s connection to civil rights workers was their shared sense of urgency. Activists who were putting everything on the line, including their lives, could relate to Ali, who risked just about everything he had when he refused to be drafted into the Vietnam War. As Mississippi organiser Lawrence Guyot put it: “We were… Read More

Local NGO urges SOCO to investigate death threats to Congolese Activists

On the 19th of October 2012, SOCO’s communications liaison officer sent a letter to a number of Congolese organizations, including some of the environmental activists who have been receiving death threats since February 2011. The letter below is a response from Alphonse Muhindo, Director of RĂ©seau CREF, one of the 4 activists that were forced… Read More