Drilling Africa’s Great Lakes: No Virunga and No Planet B

Blocks off Africa’s coast have already been snapped up by exploration companies but what of East Africa’s enormous great lakes? With exploration well underway in Lake Albert and plans laid down for Lake Malawi, Philip Kleinfeld looks at the social, political and environmental challenges. Lake Albert Uganda Blocks off Africa’s coast have already been snapped… Read More

Impacts of oil exploration in Lake Albert Uganda: “a few environmental considerations”

Article based on the transcripts of Stephen Digges’ film “Uganda’s Oil Boom: Curse or Cure?“ The discovery of oil bellow Lake Albert, on the border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo could constitute the largest onshore discovery in sub-Saharan Africa. The vast discovery could transform Uganda’s economy – but only if managed well.… Read More

Platform London: A Lake of Oil … Conflict, Pollution and Poverty in the Great Lakes

One of the many lakes with Oil…lessons to be learnt… A Lake of Oil: Congo’s contracts escalate conflict, pollution & poverty May 17, 2010 • 5:06 pm A Lake of Oil analyses confidential oil contracts held by UK companies Tullow and Heritage in the Democratic Republic of Congo that were leaked by Platform, revealing the… Read More

Oil Pollution Safeguards for Lake Albert – Uganda & No-go area for Virunga – DRC

Environmentalists fear that the oil fever in Uganda could have disastrous impacts on the area biodiversity of Lake Albert and are urging  for oil pollution safeguards in Uganda, what kind of provision should the DRC government, UK  Soco and France Total give for a World Heritage site and the refuge of the last mountain Gorilla?… Read More