SOCO starting seismic survey in Virunga before the findings of the EU-funded SEA?

This month’s article in Africa Intelligence “Virunga a hot issue”  reveals that it won’t be until November 2014 that the findings of the second phase of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), funded by the European Union, will be handed out to the  Ministry of Hydrocarbon in DR-Congo. The SEA will be used to inform DRC Government… Read More

AUG 4-8, 2012: SOCO assessing and valuating oil reserves in Virunga National Park

The DRC government gave SOCO International Plc, the oil company with the biggest participating interest in the oil blocks covering Virunga National Park, permission to assess and valuate the oil reserves in this Unesco World Heritage site in danger. The information provided by SOCO International will be used as part of the Strategic Environmental Assessment… Read More

MARCH 2011: DRC government decision to suspend oil exploration in Virunga

WWF welcomes DRC government decision to suspend oil exploration in world heritage site Virunga Gland, Switzerland  – WWF welcomed the decision of the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo to withdraw the permission to drill for oil in Africa’s oldest park, Virunga. The environment ministry of DRC issued a statement today declaring they would… Read More