Sir David Attenborough made British TV history filming the Gorillas, will UK Soco repeat it destroying their habitat?

In this great video, Sir David Attenborough remembers filming perhaps one of the most ground breaking and well loved nature documentaries in the world, ‘Life on Earth’. The highlight of the series was perhaps one of the most memorable moments in British Television: David’s encounter with the mountain Gorillas in Rwanda. Source: From Michael Palin’s… Read More

Watch: The last DRC mountain gorillas again face an uncertain fate

No words needed, just watch why. By Michael Booth Yes, it’s happening again.A few weeks ago, the delicate state of peace in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo was again shattered by renewed clashes between the Congolese army and rebel militias operating near and inside Virunga National Park. Established in 1925, the park is the oldest… Read More