Fishers Unite: Fish not Oil in Virunga and Lake Edward

Fishers Unite! All Pictures from It is abnormal for a fisher or fishing community to depend on imported fish for protein. It is an unhappy situation when an experienced fisherman returns from a fishing trip with only flotsam or other debris, including plastics, in the nets. Unfortunately, this is the reality facing fishers in… Read More

Now is not the time to think of the future of the extractive industries, but the future of people and the planet!

Two months have passed since COP21 and one could ask himself how much has the world listened? On January 2016 Norway is still offering new Artic oil leases and on February 2016 Total announced it will be conducting seismic activities in Block III, while one-third of Block III is located inside Virunga National Park.  Today more than ever is not the time to… Read More

1.000 Reasons Save Virunga: #22, I Will not Dance to your Beat

I will not dance to your beat I will not dance to your beat If you call plantations forests I will not sing with you if you privatize my water I will confront you with my fists If climate change means death to me but business to you I will expose your evil greed If… Read More

Oil and Poverty in Africa: Livelihoods are more important to local people than Oil

Oil over Africa: Growth in Poverty The poverty side of Angola – Lobito Angola is a rich country thanks to oil, but like in many countries, you can meet a lot of poor people. Most of them live in old buildings, old ruins, from the portuguese colonial time. The contrast is huge…This little girl lives… Read More

Oil Companies are destroying lives and ecosystems, human rights are being trampled on

Nnimmo Bassey: Oil companies are destroying lives Coming from a country where an equivalent of one Exxon Valdez volume of crude oil is spewed into our environment yearly, it is inescapably clear that the petroleum sector is a very polluting one. It is obvious that there cannot be this level of ecological impunity without human… Read More