Appel à la Communauté internationale pour protéger le Parc des Virunga de l’exploitation pétrolière

05 juillet 2012 – Georges Dallemagne dépose une proposition de résolution pour appeler la Communauté internationale à une position ferme pour protéger le Parc des Virunga de l’exploitation pétrolière. . Classé en 1979 au patrimoine mondial de l’Unesco grâce à sa biodiversité exceptionnelle, le Parc des Virunga a été plus tristement inscrit en 1994 dans… Read More

British oil company to drill for oil in Virunga National Park – SOCO ‘Hostile to the park’

Given the high level of volcanic activity in the Virungas, is it a good place to drill for oil? . WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? Consumptive use of resources from a national park in the DRC is illegal, deemed so by the DRC government and additionally for Virunga, by its World Heritage status. Currently 85% of… Read More

Small Oil Enterprise ‘Wildcatters’, big trouble in Virunga?

Africa is emerging as a big oil and natural gas reserve. As a result lots of new companies have been making their entrance in the Great Lakes region. As some investments analyst says: ”nothing goes up faster than when you announce a major [oil] find in some geopolitical backwater”[1]. That is precisely what happened with… Read More