Why Threatened and Endangered Animals May Become Additional Casualties of the Pandemic

Food for thoughts from Yashar Ali … Sadly, I’ve been expecting this. Soon, I’ll be sharing what I’m doing to help mitigate this crisis Source: NYTimes Threatened and endangered animals may become additional casualties of the pandemic This story is framed around how the loss of billions of tourism revenue is impacting the protection of… Read More

In support of Virunga Frontline Defenders and World Elephant Day

Virunga National Park is facing several threats despite the efforts from rangers and local conservationists to protect its resources. One of its resources are elephants which inhabit different ecosystems of the park from the forested areas to the savanna areas. Elephants in Virunga are also victims of the illegal ivory trade and many have been… Read More

#WRD – IUCN: Rising murder toll of park rangers calls for tougher laws

With poachers responsible for more than half of ranger deaths over the past two years, IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and the International Ranger Federation (IRF) call for a toughened stance against wildlife crime globally, marking World Ranger Day celebrated across the globe on 31 July. Fifty-six rangers have lost their lives… Read More

The Last Stand of the Gorilla – Environmental Crime, Oil and Conflict in the Congo Basin

    FOR MORE, PLEASE READ: . The Last Stand of the Gorilla – Environmental Crime and Conflict in the Congo Basin . Gorillas, the largest of the great apes, are under renewed threat across the Congo Basin from Nigeria to the Albertine Rift: poaching for bushmeat, loss of habitat due to agricultural expansion, degradation… Read More

April 2013 – A Responsibility to Preserve: Protecting Virunga National Park from Oil Drilling, Poaching and Armed Groups

Written by Joshua Alter Virunga National Park (Virunga) covers 790,000 hectares in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).(2) Originally designated a national park in 1925, Virunga became a United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) World Heritage site in 1979.(3) Virunga has been described as “the most unique biosphere in the world,” with more… Read More