The nexus between oil and violent conflict: Sudan Case #1

The development of the Sudanese oil sector has been intertwined with violent conflicts. Summarizing the argument of the preceding paragraphs (extract from the report of Elke Grawert and Christine Andrä, “Oil Investment and Conflict in Upper Nile State”), on the national level, oil development had a three-fold impact on the violent-prone relations between the two parts… Read More

New Hydrocarbon Bill: DRC Civil Society calls for better Environmental and Social Safeguards

Congo-Kinshasa: La société civile apporte sa contribution à la consistance du projet de code des hydrocarbures Congo-Kinshasa: La société civile apporte sa contribution à la consistance du projet de code des hydrocarbures Par Raymonde Senga Kossy, 8 Avril 2013 Les travaux de l’atelier sur l’analyse par la Société civile du code des hydrocarbures dont le… Read More

Save Virunga: Endangered World Heritage

Endangered world heritage by Sarah Luisa Brand, Ilona Auer-Frege   Endangered mountain gorillas live in the Virunga National Park. The Parliament of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is considering oil production in the country’s national parks. The government hopes there will be economic profits, but its plans are putting the environment, the people… Read More

Oil and Poverty in Africa: Livelihoods are more important to local people than Oil

Oil over Africa: Growth in Poverty The poverty side of Angola – Lobito Angola is a rich country thanks to oil, but like in many countries, you can meet a lot of poor people. Most of them live in old buildings, old ruins, from the portuguese colonial time. The contrast is huge…This little girl lives… Read More

Pollution Petrolière au Nigeria = communautés locales ont sombré dans la pauvreté

Sunday Agabe, pêcheur à Bodo et sa famille ont sombré dans la pauvreté suite aux déversements de pétrole non nettoyés par la compagnie Shell au Nigeria. VIDÉOS Pollution pétrolière au Nigeria : comment gagner sa vie dignement ? travail, votre moyen de gagner votre vie dignement soit du jour au lendemain détruit par le pétrole. C… Read More

Petrole dans le Graben: la Conservation de la Nature en Sursi!

* Correction block IV and V cover part of lake Edward and not Lake Albert ODEUR DU PETROLE DANS LE GRABEN CONGOLAIS : LA CONSERVATION DE LA NATURE EN SURSIS ! Gestion à plusieurs vitesses des ressources transfrontalières partagées. Deux ressources transfrontalières partagées, le pétrole dans le Graben albertine entre l’Ouganda et la RD Congo, le gaz… Read More

Cary on and hope: oil companies and their ‘positive’ social impact

Insight: A year on, Nigeria’s oil still poisons Ogoniland 1 of 9. Children play near a borehole where a signboard is erected in Eleme community, outside Nigeria’s oil hub city of Port Harcourt August 1, 2012. A bright yellow sign above the well in this sleepy Nigerian village says ‘caution: not fit for use’, and… Read More

Oil in Virunga = Economic instability, Conflict and Environmental damage

Credits: ENOUGH Project Can Africa break its ‘resource curse’? STORY HIGHLIGHTS In many African nations natural resources have led to economic instability Resource wealth can lead to corruption, cronyism and violence Conflicts in DR Congo, Liberia and Sierra Leone have been funded by diamonds Botswana and Ghana have largely avoided the “resource curse” London, England… Read More

War and then Crude? The true dangers of oil extraction

Documentary exposing the true dangers of oil extraction Dumping billions of gallons of toxic waste into the Amazon, Texaco (now Chevron) has been ordered to pay $8 billion to clean up its environmental pollution of reckless oil drilling and restore human rights for the 30,000 affected peoples. Chevron REFUSES to pay the verdict of this… Read More

Latest news from the Virunga oil front: ” Au Congo, les risques du baril”

Latest news from the Virunga oil front SOURCE: Liberation 4 juin 2012 à 19:36 . Analyse Le parc des Virunga, en RDC, classé par l’Unesco, est menacé par les projets d’exploitation pétrolière. . Par FANNY PIGEAUD Correspondante à Libreville C’est un scandale de plus qui se joue dans l’est de la république démocratique du Congo… Read More

Oil Pollution Safeguards for Lake Albert – Uganda & No-go area for Virunga – DRC

Environmentalists fear that the oil fever in Uganda could have disastrous impacts on the area biodiversity of Lake Albert and are urging  for oil pollution safeguards in Uganda, what kind of provision should the DRC government, UK  Soco and France Total give for a World Heritage site and the refuge of the last mountain Gorilla?… Read More

Don’t Let Virunga become “Worse than Bad”!

For the communities of Lake Edward and the Virunga National Park Living with armed conflict is bad, don’t let it get worse with oil!   On May 1, 2012 Friends of the Earth Netherlands (Milieudefensie) started the “Worse than Bad” campaign to create as much publicity as possible for Shell’s reckless pollution in the Niger… Read More