Creating a Movement of Resistance – part I : Building Trust and Understanding between Pygmy Peoples and Virunga Rangers

Marginalised for decades, Pygmy peoples are fighting for recognition and land rights. Even the term ‘pygmy’ is laced with historical racism and prejudice; they are not treated as equal citizens in their home country. At the heart of pygmy culture is their forest, central to their spiritual beliefs, and ancestral heritage it is also their source… Read More

1.000 Reasons Save Virunga: #22, I Will not Dance to your Beat

I will not dance to your beat I will not dance to your beat If you call plantations forests I will not sing with you if you privatize my water I will confront you with my fists If climate change means death to me but business to you I will expose your evil greed If… Read More

I am Congo: The Conservationist

Amazing lives in a place the world has left for dead. The Conservationist Dominique Bikaba protects wildlife and local communities caught in the middle of the world’s deadliest war. Kahuzi Biega National park, DR Congo: the story of a conservationist, of a commitment, of a dedicated life to the protection of gorillas and the forest.… Read More