Pandora’s Box: SOCO Oil Company ruining for Virunga’s Natural Resources

Virunga, in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, is Africa’s oldest national park, and home to half the continent’s endangered mountain gorillas. It is one of the world’s great heritage sites with three thousand square miles of precious flora and fauna. Since 2010, the British firm SOCO International has been exploring the region for… Read More

Oil Wealth and Poverty: Africa’s Last Eco-Frontier

  Oil and Africa: Fear of Disruption, Pollution, Land Grabbing, Corruption, Human Rights Abuse and insecurity . By Rajab Bwengye Africa is known as the World’s richest in terms of Natural resources. These include forests, wetlands, minerals, wild animals, fertile soils, lakes and rivers plus other magnificent land forms therefore, why the continent has remained… Read More

END of Weekly Serie Oil drilling in Protected Areas: Photo Essay

END of Weekly Serie Oil drilling in Protected Areas *** Can we Reconcile Nature and Oil? *** Why should both worlds Collide in Protected Areas? *** Why is a Protected Area not Protected? *** What will be the Future of Wildlife and Tourism in the Albertine Rift? *** Do Tourists want to Photograph Oil Rigs?… Read More

OIL and CONFLICT: What Is the Link?

Natural Resources and Conflict: What Is the Link? Unless a successful rebel organization is bankrolled by another country or an extensive and willing diaspora, it must generate income by operating some business activity alongside its military operations. The question then becomes the type of business activity in which a rebel group is likely to be… Read More

Save Virunga: Oil, Poverty and Conflict Syndrome

 Oil/Poverty/Conflict Syndrome But the story gets worse. More than any other group of countries, oil and other mineral exporters demonstrate the perverse linkages between skewed economic performance, poverty, injustice, and conflict. Countries dependent on oil and other mineral wealth are far more likely to have civil wars than their resource-poor counterparts and war disproportionately harms the… Read More

The nexus between oil and violent conflict: Sudan Case #1

The development of the Sudanese oil sector has been intertwined with violent conflicts. Summarizing the argument of the preceding paragraphs (extract from the report of Elke Grawert and Christine Andrä, “Oil Investment and Conflict in Upper Nile State”), on the national level, oil development had a three-fold impact on the violent-prone relations between the two parts… Read More

Oil, Ownership and Conflicts: the case of the Sudan

Oilwatch  Africa and representatives from  academia, development  experts and community leaders met under the theme, Oil over Africa: Economic Boom and Burst to deliberate on the increasing oil and gas exploration, development and production projects on the African continent,  and  the  impact  on  the  peoples  of  Africa,  particularly  the  socio-economic  and environmental costs that are associated with these activities. The… Read More

DR-Congo, Natural Resources, Oil and Risks of Corruption

“Risks of corruption will threaten the implementation of REDD+ in DRC” By Chris Lang, 23rd January 2013 In November 2011, PricewaterhouseCoopers warned that “The implementation of REDD+ in DRC will face numerous challenges because of the widespread nature of corruption in the country”. As in all other sectors, PwC added, corruption is “likely to be… Read More

OIL IN AFRICA PART TWO: Can DR-Congo avoid the Libyan Revolution?

Since the 1970’s resource rich countries in the developing world have consistently underperformed resource poor countries when it comes to economic growth, income inequality and good governance. What if the best and only solution will be to: KEEP THE OIL IN THE SOIL? Looking back at 2013-2016 (SV) OPTION A Extract from the AfDB report:… Read More

Congo ! – Maudit pétrole !

Dans un monde où les ressources se font rares, le continent africain est plus que jamais sollicité par les compagnies pétrolières. Dans un récent rapport, International Crisis Group (ICG) met en garde la République démocratique du Congo (RDC) contre la prospection pétrolière, qui pourrait “aggraver les conflits” et “réveiller les velléités séparatistes” de certaines régions.… Read More

DRC and the Curse of Black Gold

By Felix Njini Windhoek – While discoveries of crude oil are supposed to be a precursor to greater economic prosperity, this is not likely to be the case for the Democratic Republic of Congo. Risk analysts warn that recent oil strikes could fuel further internal strife. If not well-managed, oil discoveries in the vast and… Read More

Can oil-rich and conflict-affected DRC avoid the resource curse?

A FOREIGN POLICY SPECIAL REPORT The Devil’s Excrement: Can oil-rich countries avoid the resource curse? but what if the best and only solution will be to: KEEP THE OIL IN THE SOIL? Looking back at 2013-2016 (SV – January 2017) OPTION A BY MOISÉS NAÍM | SEPT. / OCT. 2009 Oil is a curse. Natural… Read More