A Banks and Biodiversity No Go Policy to Save Virunga, Upemba, Murchison Falls…

Around 1 million species face extinction in the next few decades and 10% of the earth’s wilderness has been lost in the past two decades. Humans depend on nature, but unsustainable activities are driving massive biodiversity losses and eroding cultures around the world at a rate higher than ever before in history. Without urgent action… Read More

Congolese People Fight for the Survival of Virunga: A Local Perspective

“Oil: the fossil fuel responsible for the dispute over Virunga National Park in Congo” By Jakub Szweda Congolese people fight for their stability and food security after prospecting search for oil by a British company.  SOCO International, in 2007, has signed a production-sharing contract for Block 5 Albertine Grahen, permitting them to enter over a half of… Read More

1.000 Reasons Save Virunga: #27 Samba-Virunga

Samba Mapangala and his group Orchestre Virunga are one of the classic bands from Central and East Africa from the last 25 years. Known and loved throughout East Africa and beyond for his astounding voice, Samba created an innovative mix of the best Congolese rumba and soukous with an earthier Kenyan style.Their song and CD… Read More

DEC 31, 2012: Save Virunga from 2012 to 2013

Currently more than 80% of Virunga NP has been allocated as oil concessions. There are many precedents which have shown that oil exploration will lead to serious loss of biodiversity and ecosystems and increased poverty-conflict in the region. In 2013 Virunga national park should be a place where no extractive industry and pollution occurs, a place… Read More