SOCO starting seismic survey in Virunga before the findings of the EU-funded SEA?

This month’s article in Africa Intelligence “Virunga a hot issue”  reveals that it won’t be until November 2014 that the findings of the second phase of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), funded by the European Union, will be handed out to the  Ministry of Hydrocarbon in DR-Congo. The SEA will be used to inform DRC Government… Read More

Communities Choosing to Preserve Natural Resources instead of Getting Quick Money

Citing environmental concerns, central Colombian villages use months of direct action to delay planned state oil project. OSCAR LEÓN, TRNN PRODUCER: In the central Colombian region of Meta, communities won an important victory in the fight to preserve their lands from possible contamination from drilling by Ecopetrol, Colombia’s national oil company. The Meta region’s administrative… Read More

DRC’s Constitutional Right and Duty to Protect Virunga

The Democratic Republic of Congo Environmental Legislation In 2007, the Southern African Institute for Environmental Assessment (SAIEA) and the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) published the first edition of the Handbook on environmental assessment legislation in the SADC region. This post is based on the last updated version of this handbook (2012) and offers… Read More

Virunga: The Real Price of Energy

Virunga: The real price of energy August 2, 2013 – Author: Hughes Belin . In 2010, the Congolese Government of Kinshasa granted concessions to European companies to exploit oil near the border with Uganda. Exploration is only starting now in a context of civil war. But the area includes one of the world’s most exceptional… Read More

Weekly Serie Oil Drilling in Protected Areas – Virunga flags environment sensitivity of the Albertine Graben

Concerns over drilling for oil in Virunga flags environment sensitivity of the Albertine Graben June 22, 2013 By Angelo Izama in Oil & Energy Tags: Albertine Graben, CNOOC, Murchison Falls National Park, Oil, Total E&P, Tullow, uganda, Virunga Leave a comment . A request by the World Heritage Committee for the cancellation of oil exploration permits… Read More

February 8, 2013 – Virunga Oil Blocks: Last Update

Check here for the last update: Oil Block III    32% contains ViNP      Last Update Oil Block IV     50% contains ViNP      Last Update Oil Block V      52% contains ViNP      Last Update —————– Virunga National Park – Oil Exploration: On 23 September 2012, newswire reports indicated… Read More

AUG 4-8, 2012: SOCO assessing and valuating oil reserves in Virunga National Park

The DRC government gave SOCO International Plc, the oil company with the biggest participating interest in the oil blocks covering Virunga National Park, permission to assess and valuate the oil reserves in this Unesco World Heritage site in danger. The information provided by SOCO International will be used as part of the Strategic Environmental Assessment… Read More

Petrole dans le Graben: la Conservation de la Nature en Sursi!

* Correction block IV and V cover part of lake Edward and not Lake Albert ODEUR DU PETROLE DANS LE GRABEN CONGOLAIS : LA CONSERVATION DE LA NATURE EN SURSIS ! Gestion à plusieurs vitesses des ressources transfrontalières partagées. Deux ressources transfrontalières partagées, le pétrole dans le Graben albertine entre l’Ouganda et la RD Congo, le gaz… Read More

IUCN worried about oil exploration in Virunga: a letter to TOTAL CEO

IUCN France asks Total to never undertake oil exploration in Virunga National Park. . Translated and adapted from IUCN FR article: “Menaces sur le Parc des Virunga”* . Considering that French companies have a very important role to play in the preservation of biodiversity and should be more involved in the fight against biodiversity loss… Read More

JUN 2012: Total opens a new oil front in Virunga National Park

While heavy fighting is going on in and around Virunga National Park  and thousands of people are fleeing their houses,  some oil companies prefer to do business as usual. Total decided to increase its participating interests in Block III, covering 32% of the Virunga National park. In its last operational update of 31st of May,… Read More

MAY 2012: Open Letter to DRC Government, International Community against Oil Exploration in Virunga NP

READ The Letter to the DRC Government Despite an outcry from the international community and bodies like UNESCO, IUCN, the EU, and many others including Greenpeace, the DRC government and SOCO are continuing to develop oil exploration plans. An international collection of NGOs recently wrote this open letter to the Congolese government to encourage them… Read More

Lettre Ouverte RDC Gouvernement: La communauté internationale s’unie contre l’exploration de Pétrole à l’intérieur du Parc des Virunga.

Lire La lettre au Président de la RDC 19 organisations internationales regroupant des organisations de développement, de droits humains, de l’environnement et de la conservation, telles que Greenpeace, 11.11.11, IUCN NL se sont unies pour exprimer leurs craintes face au plan d’exploration de pétrole à l’intérieur du Parc National des Virunga, site du Patrimoine Mondiale.… Read More