Celebrating #PeaceDay: Virunga Partnership for Sustainable Peace

The exploitation of natural resources has proven to be a major driver of conflict in DRC and the Great Lakes region. Oil exploration in Virunga has followed the same track with a poor local engagement, the total exclusion of communities from decision making and the criminalization of local protests against oil.  In light of the… Read More

Reasons why we should chose for Environmental Peace Buidling in Virunga

“Where environment and natural resource factors generate conflict, post-conflict peacebuilding efforts must tackle them directly in order to achieve durable peace. At the same time, the recognition that environmental and natural resources can contribute to violent conflict only underscores their potential significance as a pathway for cooperation and confidence-building in war-torn societies.” United Nations Environment Program… Read More

“We will not stop facing down those who seek to destroy Virunga until our last drop of blood is spilled”

No more words needed. Many local defenders have been alerting the world of the dangers community members and themselves are facing when fighting for Virunga and the sustainable development option. They are often putting their lives, their staff and their organizations at risk. Virunga cannot survive without them, without their voice and courage. We wish… Read More

UK Government set to examine Soco’s activities in Virunga National Park

14 February 2014 The UK Government is set to examine the activities of Soco, a London-based oil company, over alleged violations of environmental protections and human rights abuses in a protected African World Heritage Site. It was announced today that a complaint filed by WWF has been accepted, and issues related to respect for human… Read More

Oil and Terrorism in Central Africa…food for thoughts

PREFACE Our intention in producing this volume was to create an easily accessible, practical, yet scholarly source of information about a topic of increasing importance to the United States: our relationship with the oil producing nations of West and Central Africa. By examining in depth the lessons learned from our relationship with the oil producing nations… Read More

Oil exploration in Virunga: Belgian Parliament versus SOCO UK

Response of Georges Dallemagne, Belgian member of the parliament, to the letter he received from Mr Cagle _ vice-president of the UK oil company SOCO International plc_ following his Parliamentary Resolution to protect Virunga national park.  Mr Cagle’s Letter:  Téléchargement 2012 1129 SOCO International plc – Georges Dallemagne Mr Dallemagne’s Response (unofficial translation): Dear Mr… Read More

“Only the Brave Talk About Oil”: Human Rights Defenders and the Resource Extraction Industries in Uganda and Tanzania

“It takes more than courage to engage in this, because when you suffer, it’s not only you. You put all of your family through that who do not have somebody else to rely on.” Tanzanian Human Rights Defender “Who is ready to die? Who is ready to risk his life? Sometimes if you don’t have… Read More

Dirty Work: Oil Security Spendings and Human Rights Abuses

Apart from its colossal scale, what is striking about Shell’s security spending in Nigeria is its ineffectiveness. Shell spent many millions of dollars each year on government forces who failed to provide the company with adequate security. It is no surprise the US government observed that Shell’s over-reliance on military forces created “serious internal friction”… Read More

DRC and the Curse of Black Gold

By Felix Njini Windhoek – While discoveries of crude oil are supposed to be a precursor to greater economic prosperity, this is not likely to be the case for the Democratic Republic of Congo. Risk analysts warn that recent oil strikes could fuel further internal strife. If not well-managed, oil discoveries in the vast and… Read More

MAY 2012: Open Letter to DRC Government, International Community against Oil Exploration in Virunga NP

READ The Letter to the DRC Government Despite an outcry from the international community and bodies like UNESCO, IUCN, the EU, and many others including Greenpeace, the DRC government and SOCO are continuing to develop oil exploration plans. An international collection of NGOs recently wrote this open letter to the Congolese government to encourage them… Read More

Lettre Ouverte RDC Gouvernement: La communauté internationale s’unie contre l’exploration de Pétrole à l’intérieur du Parc des Virunga.

Lire La lettre au Président de la RDC 19 organisations internationales regroupant des organisations de développement, de droits humains, de l’environnement et de la conservation, telles que Greenpeace, 11.11.11, IUCN NL se sont unies pour exprimer leurs craintes face au plan d’exploration de pétrole à l’intérieur du Parc National des Virunga, site du Patrimoine Mondiale.… Read More

L’ASADHO s’inquiète au sujet des menaces de mort proférées contre les acteurs de la société civile du Nord Kivu

COMMUNIQUE DE PRESSE N°15/ASADHO/2012   Mercredi 11 avril 2012, par ASADHO // Communiqué de presse 2012 L’Association Africaine de défense des Droits de l’Homme, ASADHO en sigle, est vivement préoccupée par les menaces de mort proférées contre Messieurs Alphonse MUHINDO et Bantu LUKAMBO, responsables des organisations basées au Nord Kivu et membres du Réseau Ressources… Read More