OIL IN AFRICA PART TWO: Can DR-Congo avoid the Libyan Revolution?

Since the 1970’s resource rich countries in the developing world have consistently underperformed resource poor countries when it comes to economic growth, income inequality and good governance. What if the best and only solution will be to: KEEP THE OIL IN THE SOIL? Looking back at 2013-2016 (SV) OPTION A Extract from the AfDB report:… Read More

Social, Environmental and Human Impacts of Resource Extraction in West Papua

West Papua is one of the last great frontier wildernesses. Over 250 distinct indigenous communities live amongst spectacular rainforests, mountains and coral ecosystems. But all is not well on the world’s second largest island – which now serves as a backdrop to one of the most severely underreported conflicts in recent history. Officially a ‘special’… Read More

If multinationals will do anything…how can Virunga survive and the voice of local communities be heard?

SaveVirunga fears that local communities in and around Virunga NP will be next. See one of our last post on this issue. * Peru: Undermining Justice If multinationals will do anything to control the public debate, how can indigenous peoples ever assert their rights? With global demand for natural resources increasing year on year, some… Read More

MAY 2012, HR ALERT: Local Communities in Vitshumbi silenced

Local organizations and civil society representatives from Vitshumbi were going to host a public meeting today, 26th of May. Goal of this meeting was to reflect on the oil concession and contract for Block 5 in the Virunga National Park and the state of the fisheries in Lake Edward. The meeting was co-organized by several… Read More