SOCO starting seismic survey in Virunga before the findings of the EU-funded SEA?

This month’s article in Africa Intelligence “Virunga a hot issue”  reveals that it won’t be until November 2014 that the findings of the second phase of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), funded by the European Union, will be handed out to the  Ministry of Hydrocarbon in DR-Congo. The SEA will be used to inform DRC Government… Read More

Virunga: The Real Price of Energy

Virunga: The real price of energy August 2, 2013 – Author: Hughes Belin . In 2010, the Congolese Government of Kinshasa granted concessions to European companies to exploit oil near the border with Uganda. Exploration is only starting now in a context of civil war. But the area includes one of the world’s most exceptional… Read More

SOCO waiting for the Results of the Strategic Environmental Assessment and Kinshasa’s Decision?

Kinshasa, DRC – On the 7th of November, Serge Lescaut, SOCO’s Central Africa director announced that the UK Oil company will be waiting for the results of the Strategic Environmental Assessment commissioned by the DRC government and supported by the EU. The company official says to have the full support of DRC government and will… Read More

Responsible Business: to what extent would you be willing to go for a price-tag?

On November 6th SOCO International published its Interim Management Statement announcing that the DRC government has commissioned him to do an aerial survey and environmental baseline studies (even hippopotami and fish studies…) over Block V. SOCO reiterates that all these activities are part of the Strategic Environmental Assessment supported by the European Union and commissioned by… Read More

AUG 4-8, 2012: SOCO assessing and valuating oil reserves in Virunga National Park

The DRC government gave SOCO International Plc, the oil company with the biggest participating interest in the oil blocks covering Virunga National Park, permission to assess and valuate the oil reserves in this Unesco World Heritage site in danger. The information provided by SOCO International will be used as part of the Strategic Environmental Assessment… Read More

European Parliament voices concern over Virunga National Park thanks to IUCN encouragement

The Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has recently been the subject of actions by European Parliamentarians encouraged by IUCN. The Congolese government has started a full Strategic Environmental Assessment in all the oil concession areas in and around Virunga but this study is not yet complete. Several European oil companies… Read More