The Nexus between Oil and Human Rights Violations: Sudan Case #2

Sudan: Oil and Rights Abuses #Lessons #DRC #Oil  #Virunga #Conflict #OilCompanies #Ethnicity #Civilians #victims #IDPs ….. (Reposted from sources cited below – Year 2003) Editor’s Note While diplomats say there are good chances of achieving a peace settlement in Sudan by the end of the year, fighting nevertheless continues in western Sudan, and the United… Read More

Conflicts between Local communities and Oil Companies: all what can go wrong…

Conflicts between Local communities and Oil Companies: all what can go wrong… Conflicts about land and compensation for expropriation: Oil exploration and production requires large land areas, which, during the war, had been “cleared” in proxy wars by militias allied to the GoS, through displacement and killing. “There was a lot of displacement in the… Read More

Oil Wars – Sudan – a Photo Essay: when will we learn?

ALL PICTURES – United Nations Photos Thai Peacekeepers Bring Medical Assistance to West Darfur Village UNAMID Officers on Patrol in Sudan Food Air-Dropped to Flooded Village in Sudan North Darfuris Flee Villages after Heavy Fighting Newly Displaced Sudanese Settle in Tawila, North Darfur Displaced Darfuris Receive Efficient Water Rollers Aftermath of Attack on Abyei Medal… Read More

The nexus between oil and violent conflict: Sudan Case #1

The development of the Sudanese oil sector has been intertwined with violent conflicts. Summarizing the argument of the preceding paragraphs (extract from the report of Elke Grawert and Christine Andrä, “Oil Investment and Conflict in Upper Nile State”), on the national level, oil development had a three-fold impact on the violent-prone relations between the two parts… Read More

Oil, Ownership and Conflicts: the case of the Sudan

Oilwatch  Africa and representatives from  academia, development  experts and community leaders met under the theme, Oil over Africa: Economic Boom and Burst to deliberate on the increasing oil and gas exploration, development and production projects on the African continent,  and  the  impact  on  the  peoples  of  Africa,  particularly  the  socio-economic  and environmental costs that are associated with these activities. The… Read More

JUN 25, 2012: Oil a Weapon of War vs. Gorillas a Weapon of Peace

Oil: a financing method of armed groups, will it bring peace to Virunga? International Relations specialist Achim Wennmann’s investigated the economic dimensions of armed groups. His study reveals a wide variety of financing methods used by armed groups and state actors in conflict zones like eastern DRC. Insights are provided on how the presence of… Read More