March 7, 2013 – Oil drilling in Virunga National Park: a matter of national interest?

This week’s alarming headline by Jonny Hogg: “Congo seeks to open way to oil drilling in national parks” reveals how the government of the DRC is planning to go ahead with oil exploration within National Parks. DRC’s parliament is to debate, as early as this month, the new Hydrocarbon bill that could permit oil exploration… Read More

February 8, 2013 – Virunga Oil Blocks: Last Update

Check here for the last update: Oil Block III    32% contains ViNP      Last Update Oil Block IV     50% contains ViNP      Last Update Oil Block V      52% contains ViNP      Last Update —————– Virunga National Park – Oil Exploration: On 23 September 2012, newswire reports indicated… Read More

DEC 31, 2012: Save Virunga from 2012 to 2013

Currently more than 80% of Virunga NP has been allocated as oil concessions. There are many precedents which have shown that oil exploration will lead to serious loss of biodiversity and ecosystems and increased poverty-conflict in the region. In 2013 Virunga national park should be a place where no extractive industry and pollution occurs, a place… Read More

NOV 20, 2012: Belgian Member of Parliament presents a Resolution to Protect Virunga National Park

Georges Dallemagne, Member of the Parliament of Belgium, has presented a resolution for the protection of Virunga National Park. On December 6th the Members of the Parliament will have to vote on the subject. If the resolution is passed it will constitute the formal decision of the Belgian Parliament on the matter. Dallemagne sends a… Read More

UN expert group urges more protection for community activists who protest against business activities

Africa: UN Experts Call for More Protection of Human Rights of Vulnerable Groups Affected By Business Activities 4 NOVEMBER 2012 A United Nations expert body has called on States and business enterprises to address the heightened risk of vulnerability, discrimination and marginalization of groups and communities whose human rights are affected by business activities across… Read More

Oil risk-benefit equation often overlooked by investors = bad practices

Africa: Managing Risks in the Extractive Industries By Lionel Badal, 25 October 2012 ANALYSIS Rising demand fuelled by emerging countries, most notoriously China and India, has led to increased competition for natural resources. Despite recurrent volatility in the markets, the trend is a rise in prices, oil being the prime example. In this context, frontiers… Read More

Virunga: Gorillas in the Mist…and the new oil battelfield – Spanish Insight

The second largest daily newspaper in Spain ‘El Mundo’ informs the Spanish speaking public about the oil threat in Virunga National Park. In this insightful article, the author highlights the factors threathening the Park, the death of 150 rangers fighting for its survival; as well as the atrocities that have been happening in this conflictive… Read More

Insecurity, poaching and oil exploration raise fears for Virunga

2 poached baby gorillas raise fears in Congo KINSHASA, Congo — Endangered Grauer’s gorillas have become victims of ongoing violence and a new rebellion in eastern Congo. A decision to allow oil exploration in a national park there may put the gorillas at greater risk. Virunga National Park said Monday that wildlife authorities rescued two… Read More

SEP 22, 2012: “We’ll see whether we’ll respect the park or not” says Hydrocarbon Minister about Virunga

Congo could allow oil exploitation By Jonny Hogg KINSHASA (Reuters) – The Democratic Republic of Congo will allow exploration work inside Africa’s oldest national park if significant oil deposits are found there, the country’s hydrocarbons minister said on Saturday. Congo is keen to expand its underdeveloped oil sector, which currently produces only 26,000 barrels a… Read More

Petrole dans le Graben: la Conservation de la Nature en Sursi!

* Correction block IV and V cover part of lake Edward and not Lake Albert ODEUR DU PETROLE DANS LE GRABEN CONGOLAIS : LA CONSERVATION DE LA NATURE EN SURSIS ! Gestion à plusieurs vitesses des ressources transfrontalières partagées. Deux ressources transfrontalières partagées, le pétrole dans le Graben albertine entre l’Ouganda et la RD Congo, le gaz… Read More

Congo ! – Maudit pétrole !

Dans un monde où les ressources se font rares, le continent africain est plus que jamais sollicité par les compagnies pétrolières. Dans un récent rapport, International Crisis Group (ICG) met en garde la République démocratique du Congo (RDC) contre la prospection pétrolière, qui pourrait “aggraver les conflits” et “réveiller les velléités séparatistes” de certaines régions.… Read More

JUL 31, 2012: Top 15 Shareholders – the global connection

 Top 15 Shareholders  –  Total, Ophir Energy and SOCO International – One Corporate Responsibility What is a shareholder? A shareholder (or stockholder) is an individual or company (including a corporation) that legally owns one or more shares of stock in a joint stock company. Both private and public traded companies have shareholders. Companies listed at… Read More