JUN 2015: Global Witness: UK Oil Company Bankrolled Soldiers Accused of Bribery and Violence Against Oil Opponents

AGM scandal for British company at centre of Leonardo DiCaprio-backed Oscar-nominated film. Cheques and receipts revealed by Global Witness show oil company Soco International paid over $40,000 in just two weeks to Congolese military officer accused of bribery and violence. Officer and his soldiers implicated in bribing, intimidating and even killing Soco opponents. Company dogged… Read More

SEP 26, 2012: British government opposes Soco exploration in Congo sanctuary

KINSHASA, Sept 25 (Reuters) – The British government said on Tuesday it is opposed to London-based oil company Soco International exploring for oil in Democratic Republic of Congo’s Virunga National Park, which is a last refuge for the region’s mountain gorillas. “We have informed Soco and urge the government of DR Congo to fully respect… Read More