Hot off the Press: New oil Law Threatens Corruption and Environmental Damage – and UK SOCO is first in the queue

A murky deal for the Congo as oil exploration threatens corruption and environmental damage – and London-based Soco International is first in the queue . Weeks after putting down a rebellion, the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo is preparing new oil laws that could open it up to vast corruption and put its… Read More

July-Aug 2013: What have Governments and International Organizations said about Oil Exploration in Virunga National Park?

Save Virunga Half-Year 2013 Update:  What have Governments, International and Local Organizations said about Oil Exploration in Virunga National Park? . Answer: Governments and major countries have gotten together and expressed their concerns about oil exploration in Virunga National park. They urge both SOCO and the DRC government to respect national and international conventions. If… Read More

17 May, 2013: BREAKING NEWS – Oil and Gas group TOTAL will not explore for oil in Virunga National Park!

Good News for Africa’s Oldest National Park Oil and gas group Total will not explore for oil within the boundaries of Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chairman and CEO Cristophe de Margerie announced today. WWF welcomes the decision that will help conserve the home of mountain gorillas, elephants and a wide… Read More

February 8, 2013 – Virunga Oil Blocks: Last Update

Check here for the last update: Oil Block III    32% contains ViNP      Last Update Oil Block IV     50% contains ViNP      Last Update Oil Block V      52% contains ViNP      Last Update —————– Virunga National Park – Oil Exploration: On 23 September 2012, newswire reports indicated… Read More

The Last Stand of the Gorilla – Environmental Crime, Conflict …. and what about Oil?

Gorillas, the largest of the great apes, are under renewed threat across the Congo Basin from Nigeria to the Albertine Rift: poaching for bushmeat, loss of habitat due to agricultural expansion, degradation of habitat from logging, mining and charcoal production are amongst these threats, in addition to natural epidemics such as ebola and the new… Read More

AUG 2012, Reynders in Congo: War, Oil and Virunga on the discussion table?

Belgium Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Didier Reynders, is on an official mission in DR-Congo and Rwanda. He should be meeting DRC President Joseph Kabila this afternoon in Lubumbashi. This will be his second official visit to Kinshasa; he first visited the country in March 2012. As expected, discussions will be centered… Read More

JUL 6, 2012: UNESCO appeals to TOTAL and SOCO to adhere to NO-GO policy in Virunga NP

UNESCO 36th session of the Committee: VIRUNGA Decisions 36COM 7A.4 Virunga National Park (Democratic Republic of the Congo) (N 63) The World Heritage Committee, 1. Having examined Document WHC-12/36.COM/7A.Add, 2. Recalling Decision 35 COM 7A.4, adopted at its 35th session (UNESCO, 2011), 3. Extends its deepest condolences to the families of guards killed during operations conducted to protect the property, since its… Read More

L’UNESCO appelle à la protection des sites du patrimoine mondial dans l’est de la RDC

L’UNESCO appelle à la protection des sites du patrimoine mondial dans l’est de la RDC Credits: CREDDHO 29 juin 2012 – La Directrice générale de l’Organisation des Nations Unies pour l’éducation, la science et la culture (UNESCO), Irina Bokova, s’est dite très préoccupée vendredi par les récents combats dans l’est de la République démocratique du… Read More

British oil company to drill for oil in Virunga National Park – SOCO ‘Hostile to the park’

Given the high level of volcanic activity in the Virungas, is it a good place to drill for oil? . WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? Consumptive use of resources from a national park in the DRC is illegal, deemed so by the DRC government and additionally for Virunga, by its World Heritage status. Currently 85% of… Read More

WWF – RI0+20: Total ne peut pas célébrer la responsabilité à Rio en la bafouant à Virunga

RI0 + 20   Total ne peut pas célébrer la responsabilité à Rio en la bafouant à Virunga et ailleurs Paris / Rio de Janeiro, lundi 18 juin – Alors que Christophe de Margerie, Président directeur général du groupe Total prend aujourd’hui la parole devant l’UN Global Compact dans le cadre de la conférence RIO… Read More

MAY 16, 2012: Access or no access for SOCO to Virunga NP?

On Wednesday 16th of May, SOCO International, one of the two oil companies having participating interests in the oil concession block V covering a big part of the Virunga National Park, announced its Interim Management Statement relating to the period from 1 January 2012 to 15 May 2012. SOCO reports to have been engaging with… Read More

Holding the Line: Tales from Virunga

Tales from Virunga is an earthrise special programme about Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo), and the courageous rangers who risk their lives daily to protect the park’s wildlife. Two decades of conflict in DR Congo have not only had a tragic impact on the country’s human communities, but also… Read More