Coronavirus and Virunga: Africa’s Mountain Gorillas Also at Risk

As the coronavirus infects more people around the world, conservationists are warning of the risk to another vulnerable species: Africa’s mountain gorilla By RODNEY MUHUMUZA Associated Press In this photo taken Dec. 11 2012, a park ranger wearing a mask walks past a mountain gorilla in the Virunga National Park in eastern Congo. (AP Photo/Jerome Delay)… Read More

The “Tshukudus” Diaries: Marc Jourdier’s journey in Virunga National Park

Discover the beautiful journey of AFP Journalist Marc Jourdier through Virunga National Park in Eastern DR-Congo Pause sur la route – ‪#instantané Nord-‪#Kivu ‪#Congo ‪#RDC ; au loin, le mont ‪#Mikeno (parc national des ‪#Virunga) ‪#Tshukudus‪ (patinettes) devant le mont #Mikeno ; #instantané #Virunga Nord-#Kivu #Congo #RDC ‪#Goma‪ – chambre avec vue ; lac #Kivu #Congo #RDC… Read More

1921: A Journey in the History of Virunga National Park #1

In the Footsteps of the Museum’s Virunga Gorillas* Carl E. Akeley was an American naturalist and explorer. Her was also known as Carl Ethan Akeley, born in May 19, 1864 in Clarendon, New York. He Died in November 17, 1926 in Virunga National Park, Belgian Congo. He was buried only a couple miles away from where he encountered his first gorilla in 1921 (1). … Read More

1.000 Reasons to Save Virunga: #37 Back in Time with FZS

Here are some old photographs of the Frankfurt Zoological Society that has provided support to Virunga since the 1950s. FZS has been involved in biodiversity conservation in the Virunga ecosystem since Bernhard Grzimek visited the park in the 1950s. In the 1980s, FZS supported the very first habituation of mountain gorillas for tourism, and eventually, for… Read More

1.000 Reasons Save Virunga: #24 Tourism

Virunga National Park Africa’s Oldest Park . Virunga National Park is a land of superlatives. It is the oldest national park in Africa and a World Heritage Site. Virunga is one of the few parks left in the world that is home to the critically endangered mountain gorilla. It harbors more mammal, bird, and reptile… Read More

Uganda Must Reject Quick Wins in Oil in Favour of Long-term Resource and Biodiversity Protection, says US Ambassador

Uganda Must Reject Quick Wins in Oil – U.S. Ambassador Source Photos STAR USAID site By Simon Musasizi, 19 March 2013 US Ambassador Scott DeLisi says Uganda must reject temptations to seek quick gains from its oil industry. Speaking at the official launch of the US-funded Tourism for Biodiversity (T4B) programme at Budongo forest in… Read More

Sir David Attenborough made British TV history filming the Gorillas, will UK Soco repeat it destroying their habitat?

In this great video, Sir David Attenborough remembers filming perhaps one of the most ground breaking and well loved nature documentaries in the world, ‘Life on Earth’. The highlight of the series was perhaps one of the most memorable moments in British Television: David’s encounter with the mountain Gorillas in Rwanda. Source: From Michael Palin’s… Read More

Oil Exploration Could Threaten Gorillas

A government order permitting oil exploration in the Virunga Mountains could pose a threat to critically endangered Mountain gorillas living in the Democratic Republic of Congo, according to officials from the Great Apes Survival Partnership (GRASP). “There are approximately 780 Mountain gorillas left in the wild, and any disturbance in their ecosystem could have disastrous… Read More