Since 2010, local protest in and around Virunga National park in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been mounting against oil exploration in this World Heritage site. Many of these demonstrations have been directed against SOCO’s local engagement program targeting the fisheries of Lake Edward. Local civil society organizations working on the protection of the environment and Human Rights in DR-Congo have condemned a number of intimidations and illegal practices surrounding SOCO’s oil exploration activities in this troubled zone of the world. They have raised the voices and fears of local communities.

Local Communities in North Kivu and Congolese Citizens at large have the right to peace and development; they have the right to keep future generations of the negative consequences that may arise from any project that does not meet the national and international norms and standards for the sustainable management of natural resources. The exploitation of these resources must respond both to the principles of economic, social and ecological sustainability.

Today, these voices of protest are getting are louder. They urge all stakeholders to take action and stop oil exploration in Virunga National Park.  Due to Virunga’s biodiversity importance and potential for sustainable local development in North Kivu, local people remain determined to have a say in these developments.

They say no to oil

No to Oil Exploration in Virunga National Park

No to Trampling with the Laws of the Country

No to Human Rights Violations of Local Populations

No to Threats to Civil Society Opposing Oil Exploration

BE READY to spread the word and listen to the local Messages against oil exploration in Virunga national Park. Help us keep these voices alive and local communities abreast of and involved in the decision making process around oil exploration in North Kivu. Virunga National Park can play a pivotal role in the sustainable development of Eastern DRC, local communities have the right to choose for the sustainable development option and fight for the survival of Virunga.

Click on the photo for a recollection of all these voices and messages alerting the world of what is happening on the ground.

Photographs Courtesy of JJ-Stok

If you want to help us keep these voices alive and local communities abreast of and involved in the decision making process around oil exploration in North Kivu, join us:

3 thoughts on “Communities

  1. For all of the people in the local communities of Virunga: We are listening, and we stand with you to protect Virunga and to protect the people in the Virunga region.

  2. I just watched the documentary on Netflix and it literally broke my heart to see the beauty of that nation being torn up over greed. The breathtaking scenery of the country and the strength of those who fight for that beauty is captivating. It is unfortunate that so many horrors happen to the innocent beings in that country and the rest world. I hope to try to do my part in spreading the word of your plight.

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