What Our Supporters Think

A. Brannan

 “For all of the people in the local communities of Virunga: We are listening, and we stand with you to protect Virunga and to protect the people in the Virunga region.”

Rega Robyn

“The idea of drilling a UNESCO world heritage site for oil is shocking. We have to keep it for future generations and protect the inhabiting species and not let them disappear in front of our eyes. I pray that the organisations and governments can put enough pressure on the DRC to recall any licences for oild… Read More

Elliott Garber

“Thanks as always for these updates on the situation with oil exploration in Virunga.”

Andrew J. Neighbour

“A perfect and intelligent representation of the plight of the gorilla and draws all our attention to what is happening to this and so many other endangered species that we say we treasure-do we really?”

Jacques De Backer

“Remain vigilant, no oil or mining company is to be trusted, the same goes for the DRC government and other governments who give the prospecting rights in the first place. This is not finished, it is a worldwide disaster.”