Hundreds of NGOs sign open letter calling to halt “illegal activities” in DRC’s protected areas: Virunga, Upemba, RFO …

Over 200 Congolese and international NGOs have signed a widely circulated open letter ahead of COP26 calling on the DRC government to crack down on “illegal activities” in protected areas. The planned construction of a hydroelectric plant in Upemba National Park to supply electricity to mining companies is feared to pose a threat to the… Read More

Global Call: Stop all Illegal Activities in Protected Areas in DR-Congo

Ahead of COP26, 234 Congolese and International organizations call on the Head of State of the Democratic Republic of Congo to put an end to the illegal exploitation of protected areas. The Group of Civil Society NGOs working for the protection of the environment in DRC, ROPE, and supported by 43 international civil society organizations,… Read More

A Critical Review of the Last UNESCO World Heritage Committee Meeting

by Stephan Doempke[1] Over the past two weeks, UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee came together for its annual meeting. Since it had been cancelled last year because of the Covid-19 pandemic, parts of last year had to be made up, which is why the conference was extended from 10 to 14 days. At the same time,… Read More

World Heritage and Protected Area Forever?

Eighty five percent of wetlands have disappeared, and critical tropical forests continue to burn. Humanity is pushing against the planet’s boundaries. But there are fewer and fewer places left to go. Some of the few, undeveloped places left in the world are those located within internationally recognized areas, such as World Heritage, Ramsar, Biosphere Reserves, among… Read More

East African Crude Oil Pipeline and Protected Areas: StopEACOP!

Impacted Protected Areas The oil pipeline would directly or indirectly impact the following areas: Burigi-Biharamulo Game Reserves Recognized as an IUCN Cat IV site in Tanzania. Spanning approximately 350,000 hectares, the Burigi-Biharamulo. Game Reserves comprise of two separate reserves that are managed as a single unit. It lies within the Lake Victoria Basin, and is… Read More

Fake bird murder exposes true horrors of TotalEnergies in East Africa

Shocking “fake publicity stunt” shames oil giant for real deadly pipeline September 14, 2021 PARIS — On Monday, before a chic ballroom full of journalists and business leaders, representatives from supermajor oil company TotalEnergies unveiled RéHabitat, a “habitat-equivalency” conservation program that would rescue animals living along the route of their impending giant East African Crude Oil Pipeline… Read More

BREAKING: IUCN Should Make a Public Statement On Tilenga / Kingfisher / EACOP Oil Projects

Monsieur Bruno Oberlé , IUCN Directeur général,  Dear Dr. Bruno Oberlé,  We are respectfully writing to you to call your attention to a grave situation that requires urgent action in order to avoid further preventable damage to our Common Home.  We are seeking your support to help stop the massive Lake Albert oil project in Uganda and… Read More

SAY NO to Illegal Mining Exploitation in Okapi Wildlife Reserve

Position of Group of civil society NGOs working for the protection of the environment in the Democratic Republic of Congo to KIMIA Mining; a Chinese company and illegal mining exploitation in protected area (Okapi Wildlife Reserve (RFO) a UNESCO world heritage site. TO ACT IN FAVOR OF A FAIR AND TRANSPARENT JUSTICE, RESPECTFUL OF THE LEGAL TEXTS… Read More

Environmental Civil Society Urges DR-Congo to Reverse Pay-to-Poach Decision

“Environmentalists in the Democratic Republic of Congo urged the government to reverse a move to tax rather than forbid poaching, saying the move endangered millions in conservation funds… In a joint decision this month, the DRC’s environment and finance ministries said killing, owning or selling protected species would be allowed on payment of a tax.… Read More

The Battle Continues 3: Cancellation of Oil Blocks in Salonga, Next Virunga

Greenpeace Africa responds to the cancellation of oil blocks in Salonga National Park, urging similar decisions to be taken in Virunga and the rest of the Cuvette Centrale threatened by oil blocks. Thursday, 22 July, Kinshasa – On Monday the UNESCO World Heritage Committee decided to remove Salonga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo… Read More

The Battle Continues 2: Stop Oil Exploration Bids for the Ngaji Oil Block in Greater Virunga

Five community-based groups and civil society organisations representing over 272 members from Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have written an open letter to six oil companies. The community groups and CSOs are calling on the companies not to submit oil exploration bids for the Ngaji oil block, which covers Queen Elizabeth National Park (QENP)… Read More